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Clear WiMax Equipment

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Clear WiMax High-Speed Internet Equipment

Clear WiMax Mobile High-Speed Internet USB Card

Equipment for Mobile Internet

Clear USB Modem

The Clear USB Modem is pocket sized and powerful so Clear users can enjoy super fast mobile Internet on the go. Just plug it into your laptop and surf all over town.

Purchase from $49.99
(excludes sales tax)

Clear WiMax High-Speed Home Internet

Equipment for Home or Business Internet

Clear Modem

The Clear Modem connects your desktop or laptop computer or Wi-Fi router to the Internet at home or your business office. Simply plug it in and start surfing anywhere in Clear coverage.

Lease today for $4.99/month
(excludes sales tax)

Clear WiMax Home Phone VOIP

Equipment for Home or Business Voice

Clear Voice Adapter-coming soon

Plug it into your Clear Modem and landline phone so you can talk all you want, whenever you want to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for one low monthly rate.

Purchase for $14.99 after $35.00 Instant Rebate
(excludes sales tax)

Clear WiMax High-Speed Mobile Internet Laptop

WiMAX Ready Laptops

Coming Soon!

WiMAX Ready Laptops powered by IntelĀ® Centrino® 2 processor technology. No need for an external modem, it's already built in.

Clear WiMax High-Speed Internet

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