Tips to Improve Online Conversion, Sales & Leads Generation
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Grabbing Attention Effectively
Tips to Improve Online Conversion, Sales & Leads Generation

Revised June 28, 2017
Originally Published August 26, 2008

Headlines and CTA's (Calls To Action) greatly affect a website or campaign's success or failure. Proper headlines and calls to action prompt customers to continue and complete the purchase. Without effective headlines and Calls To Action, prospects may move on to find information and services elsewhere.

Attention Grabbing Headlines!

Headlines and paragraph headers, (whether for a website page, marketing campaign, or a newsletter article), are important and greatly affect how many people choose to read the information following the headline.

If the headline is nondescript, boring, or does not entice the customer to read what follows, then many potential customers will likely miss or ignore the information that follows the headline, and move on.

However, a headline that is snappy, or grabs the readers attention will result in a more widely read article, or further customer action.

On average, it's predicted that 80% of readers only pay attention to headlines while only 20% actually read any further than the headline!

With this knowledge, it is important to use a headline that not only catches a readers attention, but persuades the reader to engage further and complete the sale. Businesses should spend the majority of time testing what words and phrases in a headline increase visitor response.

  • Adding hyperlinks to headlines allows one to draw customers further into a website's content, thus increasing the conversion potential.

  • Using persuasive headlines with an emotional appeal, then linking these headlines to related pages of a website or campaign, will allow businesses to draw prospects further into the site and marketing materials.

The following are some additional ideas for improving website headlines:


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Creating Content Based On Generational Appeal

Most know that when marketing in today's world, the following must be addressed:

  • An emotional appeal: One must find a way to connect with the consumer's emotions and get them to care and relate.
  • Solve a problem: The product or service being offered must clearly show how it will solve the consumer's issue better than anything else.

However, in today's world, businesses must take an extra step, and make sure they are providing information to their generational target market in an appealing manner, specific to each generation.

Due to the extremities in technology that older generations (such as the Baby Boomers) grew up with, versus what newer generations (like the Millennials) have grown up with; both online and offline marketing content for each group must be handled extremely differently.

Each group has their own generational preference on how they receive information when researching products or services on the internet:

Baby Boomers - Older generations are used to having to read books, newspapers and magazines to research and learn about products and services they wish to use and buy. Due to decades of researching in this method, older generations tend to pursue in-depth information on the topic of interest, reading extensively about a particular topic.

Millennials - Younger generations (some of which have never even seen or used a book bound encyclopedia at the library) have grown up with images and videos disseminating information to them. For this reason, many Millennials are more engaged by infographics with the pertinent information versus reading full reports and paragraphs of information or data.

If a businesses target market included multiple generations, then methods preferred by each should be employed, lest risk losing whichever generation's preferences are not addressed.

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