If You're Not Already Using Online Sales Channels, You Should Be!
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Unlimited Growth Using The Web
If You're Not Already Using Online Sales Channels, You Should Be!

Revised February 21, 2018
Originally Published March 19, 2009

Whether a business is looking for local sales leads, or global prospects; having a web presence provides businesses from any industry unlimited opportunities and channels to reach out, gain new prospects, as well as service existing clients.

Advertising channels ranging from traditional websites, social medias, online advertising, or a combination thereof, having an online presence provides unlimited growth opportunities not seen with most traditional forms of marketing.

Websites are generally the most available, flexible, fluid, and affordable advertising media available today. Social media channels, (while sometimes limited to particular target markets) are another excellent source of free, flexible, and potentially viral forms of marketing that reach audiences affordably.

Together, no advertising mediums come close to providing the opportunities for growth at a low cost, than a "website & social media combination" provide for today's businesses.

Any Business, Any Industry

Regardless of industry, a website and social media presence allow for customer interaction and online service. In addition to providing online information and marketing, having an online presence has become essential in today's business world.

A properly built and maintained website application, combined with appropriate social media channels, will help any company improve current customer satisfaction, provide online resources, and streamline day-to-day business management; all while generating new leads and business.

The return on investment (ROI) a company receives through online channels (such as a custom website, social media, and marketing) is often far greater than any other traditional sales channel available, with exception to word-of-mouth.

Whether a company is just starting out, and looking for an affordable website solution, or whether a more established business is looking to provide enhanced online customer service, (in addition to generating leads and sales); an online presence with proper sales channels will enhance the opportunity.

Besides being available 24/7, there are numerous benefits that many businesses have yet to take advantage of including:

Enhanced Customer Service & Problem Solving

An online presence of proper sales channels provide companies the opportunity to enhance their current level of customer service and support. Through such online channels, a business can offer current customers and prospects access to online support. This support can be offered via means such as:

  • online help files on products & services
  • video demonstrations
  • live chat with a representative
  • online account management and order status

The possibilities are literally endless.

Secure Access to Real-Time Company & Customer Data

Many of today's online channels allow businesses to allow customers access to certain data, securely integrated in real-time with a website or another appropriate sales channel. Such secure access to selected data allows the business to offer customers features and functions that normally might require a company representative to provide, at a much lower cost to the company.

Imagine the following:


We Handle Your Website, Digital Media & Support So You Don't Have To! Affordable Investment Starting At $3.30/Day!

Quick Tidbits
Designing Websites for the Way People Live

In today's world, most every successful business has a website presence. Due to the growth of internet usage on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, it is even more imperative then ever to minimize the utilization of non-compatible medias and technologies.

Some of the following are the most important factors to consider when attempting to make sure your website is compatible with any platform whether it be multiple browsers, a cell phone, tablet, or other mobile device:

  • Mobile-Friendly & Responsive
    Google states that over 80% of all searches are on mobile devices. Make sure the website is completely mobile-friendly and responds to any screen size.

  • Flash (Avoid)
    Flash can be a useful tool in the right situation but is not supported by many cell phones and mobile devices (especially the over 1 Billion iPhones and other mobile Apple devices). Today, HTML 5 is the better choice for cross-platform programming.

  • Javascripts (Be Weary)
    Javascripts often break down into plain text and loose many dynamic functions (such as hiding text until such time as a visitor hovers over) on cell phones and many mobile devices.

  • Large Images
    Large images with huge download times are a major reason many visitors leave or abandon a page. Keep images responsive and optimized for the web for quick download times.

  • Simple Navigation
    Quick and easy to decipher navigation. A visitor normally should not have to search through more about three links to find what they want on a website.

  • Simple Design
    Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can make a great looking website that is quick and easily to download; while allowing for responsive site-wide design changes from one style location.

The above guides should be followed on a general basis as there will always be certain exceptions to the rule.

Designing Websites for the Way People Live

Featured Case Study
Flooring America Of Oregon Case Study

Flooring America Of Oregon  is an Oregon City, OR-based flooring company providing quality carpet, vinyl, hardwoods, laminate, tile and more for commercial and residential needs throughout the Portland-Metro area.

Flooring America Of Oregon  required a secure, yet professional website solution to showcase their flooring products and installation services; as well they desired on-going update assistance, as needed.

Website Update

With this in mind, we built Flooring America Of Oregon's website using our clean code, SEO-Friendly, Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Content Management System (CMS) website solution.

You can learn more by clicking below:

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