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Ready-to-Tailor Point-of-Sale Web-Based App Base-Code Engines

Rent or Purchase with No Further Licensing Fees

Neturf web-based retail point-of-sale applications allow any business, regardless of industry, to sell products or services in-store and online without any additional programming or special "add-ons".

In addition, because the system is web-based, you can have as many "registers" accessing the point-of-sale system without additional licenses.

Every Neturf point-of-sale website application can be specifically tailored to meet each individual company's requirements and specifications.

There are no restrictions or limitations to how each base system can be modified and customized to your store's specific requirements and needs.

Our point-of-sale application base systems are available for rent or purchase.

Rent for as little as $299.95 per month. Base systems can be purchased with no additional licensing or monthly fees for as little as $5,995.00 and allow unlimited seats and terminals!

A Neturf Web-based Retail Point-of-Sale Application makes it easy to:

  1. Make Unlimited Customization Unlike Boxed Solutions
  2. Modify & Integrate a Completely Custom Design
  3. Add Products, Images & Manage Content
  4. Manage Online Orders, In-Store Sales & Inventory
  5. Make a Profit!

Neturf Retail Point-of-Sale Systems Give You Complete Control

Web-Based Point-of-Sale Add-Ons

Upgrade and improve your customers online store experience by adding Coupons & Gift Certificates, Newsletter e-Blaster, Banner Ad Manager, Additional Shipping & Payment Gateways, and Much More. Learn more about our point-of-sale module add-ons.

Neturf Family of Services

Neturf offers a host of additional services to help you and your new Neturf Web-based Point-of-Sale Application. From Design Services to Hosting or Promotion, we can help. Learn more about Neturf's additoinal services and systems.

Neturf Offers Reliable Support

At Neturf, our customer referrals say it all. A large percentage of all our customers come from other customers! Our goal is to be number one in customer satisfaction and referral. Feel free to call and speak with someone live anytime.

No More Duplicate Inventory

Both in-store and website inventory are managed using the same database. If something shows as sold-out in-store, it will also appear as sold-out online to avoid orders for a product no longer in stock.

One-time License Allows Unlimited Registers

When compared to traditional point-of-sale systems and the requirement to purchase a license for each register, your company will save thousands of dollars using a Neturf web-based point-of-sale application! Each license requies a one-time investment and is good for unlimited registers.

Completely Customizable Design

Neturf web-based point-of-sale applications can be completely customized to match your corporate image. Regardless of the desired look or feel, every point-of-sale system can be modified by Neturf or any other individual or design firm.

Scalable Point-of-Sale Application

With a Neturf point-of-sale website application, there's never a restriction on growth or expansion as with boxed or off-the-shelf systems. Regardless of how your company needs change, your website and point-of-sale system can grow and change with you with simple programming modifications. In additon, because our point-of-sale applicatoins are based on open-source technology, you are never subject to additional licensing or renewals fees as found with other proprietary softwares.

Secure & Reliable

The technology behind Neturf's point-of-sale systems is a combination of Javascript, PHP and MySQL running on a unix-based platform. Alone, these technologies are known as powerful and reliable tools; together they make the secure and reliable online point-of-sale systems allowing you to manage your online business with ease.

The Easiest Web-based Retail Point-of-Sale Application

Neturf's online point-of-sale systems are extremely easy to use and manage from any computer connected to the Internet; at home, work or on vacation! With a Neturf web-based point-of-sale application, any business can manage their store and sell online with ease; Point-Click-Save!

Neturf Web-based Retail Point-of-Sale Application Benefits:

  • Nothing to install, your website IS your in-store
  • point-of-sale
  • Fully Functioning Point-of-Sale System
  • 24/7 Client Support
  • No Licensing or Maintenance Fees
  • Completely Customizable
    (Customize to match your company image)
  • Upgradeable as Needs Change
    (Add new functions and features as your company grows)
  • Search Engine Optimized Code
    (No unnecessary code or functions to clog system)

Never Any Hidden Fees

When you purchase your Neturf Retail Point-of-Sale Application, you own it! You are not responsible to pay any annual licensing or renewal fees. As well, all profits from sales are your to keep unlike other web-based shopping solutions that charge a percentage of your online sales.

Your Online Partner

When you purchase your Neturf Retail Point-of-Sale Application, choose us as your partner and let us help you customize the design, secure your monthly hosting, and be here to answer your questions anytime you need. Our Team here at Neturf is efficient in working with clients on a domestic and international level. Our clients and experience spread various industries ranging from wholesale to retail to downloadable online content and more. We have the breadth of experience needed to help you get the most from your online point-of-sale system.

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