One Responsive Website Is The Answer To Google's Upcoming Mobile-First Indexing Update!
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Google's Advising To Make Websites Responsive
The Answer To Google's Current Mobile-First Indexing Update Is "One Responsive Website"!

Revised June 13, 2018
Originally Published October 18, 2017

As of September 2017, Google began advising to make all websites responsive in preparation for their 2018 release of their Mobile-First Indexing update.

"Here are some recommendations on how to move from separate urls to one responsive URL in a way that gives your sites the best chance of performing well on Google's search results."
- Google Webmaster Central Blog

While the need for one responsive site, versus two separate desktop and mobile sites has been written about since Google's first announcement in 2015; website owners now must heed Google's warnings to maintain their search ranking.

Google released their latest "Mobile-First Index" update in early 2018.

What Is Mobile-First?

Most are probably aware of Google's Mobile-First Ranking initiative that's been in place since late-2016, and closely followed their 2015 mobile-friendly announcement sparking "Mobilegeddon 1.0 & 2.0".

  • What Mobile-First Ranking means: any website that is mobile-friendly (all other factors being equal) will rank above another site that is not mobile-friendly.

  • Now that the 2018 Mobile-First Index update is in effect: Google will begin indexing the content of mobile-friendly sites, in preference of content found on the desktop version of the site.

  • For those businesses that have a mobile-only, and a desktop site: they need to combine them into one responsive website.

How Will Mobile-First Affect Search Results?

Even after Google implemented their mobile-friendly requirements, they historically still indexed the content of the main desktop websites as their basis for search results. Mobile content was merely used as a supplement, if at all. However, this is no longer the case.

As of the 2018 update, Google is using the mobile site's content as the index of preferred search ranking material.

This means that if the company's mobile version of the website has minimal content compared to the main desktop site, then the website's ranking could decrease in natural/organic search results.

Because over 80% of all searches are done on mobile devices, Google warned in late 2016 they were heading in this direction:


Featured Case Study
Go Baby Go Hamptons Case Study

Go Baby Go Hamptons provides everything a traveling family needs, from cribs, strollers, high-chairs, and toy rental deliveries, and more while visiting the East End of Long Island!

Go Baby Go Hamptons required a secure, yet professional website solution to generate sales leads and requests; as well they desired on-going update assistance, as needed.

Website Update

With this in mind, we built Go Baby Go Hamptons's website using our clean code, SEO-Friendly, Responsive & Mobile-Friendly Content Management System (CMS) website solution.

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Quick Tidbits
B2B SEO Facts

Many B2B companies think they’re immune to SEO, mobile-friendly, responsive website needs, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

However, the numbers are surprising; if your B2B company website isn't following Google's recommendations for SEM, SEO, and mobile-friendly design, you're most likely missing out!

Here’s the facts:

  1. Over 70% of all B2B purchase decisions start with a generic search. Some estimates are as high as 89%.1
  2. Nearly 90% of all B2B research is done using search engines.1
  3. Nearly half, 42% of all B2B research is done on a mobile device, and growing nearly 3X annually.1
  4. Nearly half, 46% of all B2B researchers are millennials on digital devices.1
  5. B2B pay-per-click advertising has the 3rd highest click-thru rate (2.55%) behind dating (3.4%) and finance (2.65%), yet above consumer services (2.4%)!2
B2B SEO Facts
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