Affordable Web Development WYSIWYG & HTML Program for the Mac

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text editor + file transfer + svn + css + terminal + books + more = whoah.
welcome to coda. grow beautiful code.

Coda - Affordable Web Development WYSIWYG & HTML Program
  • Double click, start work.
    Your Coda experience starts with "Sites", uber-favorites on cute little pieces of paper. When you're ready to start work, just double click a site - Coda will instantly restore itself exactly to where you left it, connecting to your server, restoring any splits and tabs, and allowing you to code, pronto. Plus, sites allow you to easily preview local or remote content, even if it's dynamically generated through a web server.

  • Elegant and powerful text editing.
    We've put together one of the most graceful and feature-packed text editors on the Mac, specifically for maximum hand-coding hotness. It's got what you expect: syntax coloring, line numbering, auto completing, block editing, international support, etc.

  • Live Collaboration.
    Using the innovative Subetha Engine, edit code live and simultaneously with a co-worker in the next cube - or across the globe. Share documents via Bonjour, and track changes.

  • Clips.
    A friendly floating window allows you to insert your frequently used text snippets just by clicking, dragging, or tab-triggering. Nice!

  • Revolutionary Find/Replace.
    Sure, we've got regular ol' Grep. But we also provide a Grep wrapped with drag and drop simplicity - a Coda first. Want to swap the width and height tags? It's as simple as searching for width="1" height="2" and replacing it with width="2" height="1". That's it: Coda does the rest.

  • Plus, one-click publishing.
    If you work on websites locally, then publish files remotely to your server, Coda's sites will automatically track your local changes and do it all for you. Just hit the big, shiny "Publish All" button. Ka-plam!


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