Content Editor Introduction

Online Content Editor Introduction

Online Content Editor IntroductionOur Online Content Editor is designed to allow our clients using any of our Content Management Systems to easily edit the layout of the text on their website pages.

Our Online Content Editor works with the Mozilla and Firefox web browsers on both Macintosh and Windows platrforms, as well as in Internet Explorer for Windows.

Use the following steps to import, edit, and save your website pages.

  1. Find the code that you want to edit in your website administration area
  2. Select and copy this code to your clipboard (Ctrl-C)
  3. Open the Online Content Editor
  4. Use the '<>' button to switch to Text Mode
  5. Paste Your code into the text box (Ctrl-V)
  6. Use the '<>' button to switch back to Design Mode
  7. Make your desired changes in Design Mode
  8. Use the '<>' button to switch to Text Mode
  9. Select and copy this code to your clipboard (Ctrl-C)
  10. Close the HTML editor window and return to the page that you were editing
  11. Paste your code into the text box (Ctrl-V)
  12. Be sure to save your changes.
With our Online Content Editor, you can:
  • Format text to be bold, italicized, or underlined and change the font face, size, style and color
  • Left, center, or right-justify, and indent or un-indent paragraphs
  • Make bulleted or numbered lists
  • Add hyperlinks, images, and tables, and edit their properties
  • Insert a horizontal line
You can use the following key combinations:
  • CTRL-A -- Select All
  • CTRL-B -- Bold
  • CTRL-I -- Italic
  • CTRL-U -- Underline
  • CTRL-S -- Strikethrough
  • CTRL-0 (zero) -- Remove extra formatting from content pasted from Word

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Content Editor Introduction

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