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About Neturf

Since 1999 Neturf has been developing custom web-based software applications ranging from online e-commerce shopping cart software to content management systems (CMS) to electronic Customer Records Management (e-CRM) to integrated e-commerce point-of-sale (e-POS) systems to complex membership systems and much more. If you can imagine it, Neturf can build it!

Neturf's base-code website applications are developed for optimal compatibility, security, reliability and long-term scalability. Based on open-source technologies, our webapp base-code engines have unlimited modifications, and programmed to work with most any 3rd-party software application.

Neturf's "base engine" (a package of custom code pre-written using open-source technologies, PHP and MySQL) are even more expandable and customizable then osCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Quick Books Point-of-Sale, or any other "boxed" website solution; whether CMS (Content Management System), Online e-Commerce Shopping Cart, or Web-Based Point-of-Sale System. Each system provides complete access to the programming, code level for any customization or modification one may need.

Our solutions are open-source and only require a one-time investment to purchase the pre-written code bundle that makes the whole system initially work. This is equivalent to a jump-start if you were to have your own in-house PHP programmer write the code for Drupal, Wordpress, QuickBooks Point-of-Sale, and so on, from scratch . . . our base-code engines represent a savings of 100's of hours, and years of experienced programming.

Because our base-code engines are created with open-source technology, and written in PHP and MySQL, literally ANY programmer in the world that knows PHP and MySQL can access and modify the code and its entire library of functions making changes to literally ALL lines of code. Hence, ANY customization you need made in the future can be done. ANY 3rd party system, such as QuickBooks or ShipWorks (literally any company that offers an API or SDK for their accounting, shipping, or ordering system) can be integrated with this system. There are no limits.

PHP and MySQL are time-tested, reliable and known for security for years upon years now. In many circles, these are still considered more powerful then Drupal, and are the "go-to" solution for many programmers. We program most our systems to run on L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) as historically these systems are the most secure, reliable and powerful.

neturf net'turf, n.
1. A place, or territory, on the internet; a developed piece of internet real estate; a website application. 2. An interactive business solutions company.