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New Business Package

  • Frustrated by trying to figure out how to use the free website building programs like WIX, GoDaddy Website Builder, or WordPress?
  • Wish there was a way to have a professional, SEO & Mobile-Friendly website without paying thousands?
  • Looking for a package that has everything under one roof, including a domain name (e.g. my-biz-name.com)?
  • Need a solution that’s professional, yet easy to add new content as your new business grows?

The Package Includes:

  • A professionally designed website
  • Three initial website pages optimized for SEO
  • Ability to add new website pages for free via the easy-to-use CMS
  • Two high-quality professional stock images for use on the website
  • One year of website hosting
  • One year of domain name registration (e.g. my-biz-name-here.com)
  • Ability to customize and tailor with new features as your business grows

The New Business Package is only $275 with no further commitment. This package is for those that are just starting out and in need of everything for a website, including hosting, and a domain name (e.g. my-biz-name.com).

ABW solves the problem of worrying about the initial setup, and SEO; delivering you a professionally designed website.

  • Your website will be initially built and setup by a professional designer, saving you the time and effort from figuring out how to build a website that actually works for your business.
  • For a low, one-time investment in your business of only $275, Affordable Business Websites will build (or rebuild) you a professional website with no further commitment. This package includes the first full year of website hosting, and your own domain name (my-biz-name-example.com).
  • The hosting can be renewed after the first year for only $5.95 per month, cancel anytime (10% discount for annually paid hosting). Your domain name can be renewed annually for only $34.95 per year.
  • And BEST OF ALL, once developed, your website pages can be managed by the business, without having to know any HTML or programming.
  • Affordable Business Websites uses a content management system that will allow you to make future website content changes without having to know HTML or any programming!
  • The easy to use WYSIWYG editor (similar to Microsoft Word) allows you to highlight a word, and click the B to bold a word. As easy as that!

Once up and running, your website can grow with you, without limitations like most boxed solutions like Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy Website Builder and other limited solutions. You can see examples on how your new ABW website can be tailored to meet your needs here.



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New Business Package

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